Strategic partnership

We are VERY proud to announce that, 4 years into our journey, Forth Solutions has joined forces with Hollis Digital to help more organisations transform quicker to digital platforms. The founders of the two businesses have been successfully working together for over a decade delivering pragmatic tech solutions and tangible business benefits to top 50 ASX companies.

Our journey continues with the solid support of our trusted clients. We are looking forward to taking on the new challenges.

Technology trends

 Forth Solutions is a trusted c-level business partner that brings strategic   thinking and best practice industry experience to the CxO, helping them   to transform their core business with a pragmatic investment roadmap.

We bring together technology innovators and forward thinking enterprises to create dynamic ecosystems that generate compelling business cases, incremental value and new market winners.


Latest & greatest

      • Invited to share our proven strategies and real-life experiences on supply chain digitisation at a webinar organised by Argon and Co. On this occasion we focused on the digitistion opportunities arising in the fresh supply chain where provenance and life-at-home are becoming fundamental components to customer value.
      •  Discussing digital innovation for the fresh produce supply chain with leading grower and CEO of Fresh Leaf,  Jan Vydra.    While visiting their farm operation I had an opoortunity to learn about  the rising profile and customer value of microgreens We also discussed their ambitious plans to extend their   vertical farming production.
      • Amidst the ensuing global pandemic we rode the Tour De France in our living room. Thanks to the generous donations of our partners, clients and friends we collected over $5800 for LIfeline who provides 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.   
      • Data Architecture - The neglected child of Digital Transformation.  Often near-perfect tech programme delivery get's caught out at the last minute with inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, or down-right erroneous data. The IT project shipwreck coast is full of perfectly built boats that ended up there because their navigation maps were inaccurate. The root cause for information confusion in large organisations is the lack of an enterprise data model.  Like all enterprise architecture endeavours the true value of an enterprise data model is in the dialogue between key stakeholders debating core business information elements, their relationships and ultimately their value and importance to the organisation.
      • Privileged to share thoughts, challenges and experiences at the ORTEC customer day . Safety, service and value are at the nexus of all supply chain operations. While transport logistics is evolving from the Ortec customer day4PL and Uber business models to robotic automation, fulfilling our customer promise remains largely a challenge. Ortec optimisation technologies provide the solution to delivering uncompromising safety, while delighting the customer with service and value. Smart supply chain organisations place transport at the centre of their operations continuously optimising their assets based on near-real time information.
      • The highlight of the 2019 China study tour, was a visit to Malong Technologies in Shenzen. I experienced first-hand their world leading technology in real-time visual product recognition that Malongis already changing the way we shop. Matt Scott and the team’s excellent hospitality was perfectly matched with a most fruitful discussion on how to accelerate the deployment of the technology and help digical retailers build stronger businesses and a much improved customer experiences.
      • Technology delivery programmes at large scale for major organisations are now in their third evolutionary phase. From the early days where we collectively laboured to bring project management methodology and standards to bear, through the middle years of “business transformation” to the latest in agile theory and practice. Fit for purpose solutioning and a crystal clear consensus on what "good  looks like" are absolutely essential to project success.
      • Does your Point Of Sale delivers a superior experience that delights the customer? The pressure for a high performing POS is intense and the competition fierce, with a number of retailers aiming to achieve a significant part of their annual sales targets during this period. Here are 7 must have POS capabilities that deliver a competitive advantage to leading retailers
      • Retail Framework 2.0 launched. This is our most comprehensive tool to date for creating pragmatic roadmaps that deliver your business ambition. To celebrate its launch, we have included technology services and products that in our experience add great value to retail organisations. 
      • Blockchain is Cloud 3.0. Imagine an Uber like organisation that needs neither a centralised transaction processing technology nor a centralised organisational capability. Enter the blockchain, or more accurately distributed ledger technology. Read more ...
      • NOT every cloud has a silver lining. Company boards are demanding cloud technology investment and tangible business benefits from the CIO. Here we explore how strong business architecture skills and experience are essential for the enterprise to take full advantage of evolving Software As A Service cloud solutions.
      • What are the 7 key steps to the connected customer? Organising digical experiences around customer missions is the beginning to earning their trust and loyalty.
      • How do you plan for the "unplanned"? How do invest for technological "disruption"? Found out how Multiple Outcomes Architecture can help you architect technology that caters for alternative business outcomes and mitigates against likely business disruption.
      • What a superb end to the year sharing dinner with leading Australian retailers and the leadership of the Invigor group talking about the year that has been and more importantly the year to be. Store formats and customer experiences will continue to dominate boardroom conversations for the next 12 months. Pricing has now become totally transparent and increasing pressure on margins will force strategic re-thinking for pricing and assortments.
      • Amazon Friend or Enemy? Just before the festive season, Amazon opened  for business in Australia. Early doors, but pricing is not compelling and I would argue the experience is inferior when compared to a specialist on-line retailer.  It's arrival has been in one form or another on the agenda of every retailer's board meeting in the last 12/24 months. Undoubtedly its marketplace will open up new sales opportunities for those brands and products with limited or no high-street access. It is also certain, that will further displace trade from bricks to clicks. Supply chain, Amazon being famous for that in different geographies, may take some time to conquer down-under. Some have been preparing for Amazon's arrival for a long time; most will get caught out. The world of FrEnemies and CoOpetitors has arrived.
      • Shadow IT is perhaps the most “vexed” challenge for the newly appointed CIO. A challenge that nearly everyone feels compelled to solve but most struggle to do so. Ultimately, it is a question of trust. Do you trust your IT team?
      • In the fast world of technology where "new" becomes "old" quickly and "innovators" come and go like spring fashion items, how do we keep up with the Joneses? Use your one page technology strategy and investment roadmap to quickly and effortlessly identify opportunities. Find out more  here
      • IT is a burning platform, the technology team lost its bearings and dropping service levels are adversely affecting  business operations. Read all about this successful turn-around strategy here and share your thoughts.
      • Fantastic digital transformation session organised by  SapientRazorFish with an eclectic mix of speakers and audience. Placing the customer at the centre of the your business continues to be the key lead indicator of future success in your digital journey.
      • Very excited to be part of the Wellsite Permit to Work board of directors as they embark on digitising their core business !!
      • News flash ! Find out the greatest and latest from the world of retail. Forth Solutions completes US study tour including NRF 2017.
      • January 2017 - Cook vs Eat. Changes are afoot around the dinner table. How are traditional grocers going to respond ?
      • December 2016 - Retail 4.0 has arrived. Uberites, a ubiquitous fulfillment network capability comprising a myriad of fulfillment locations and independent agents delivers to the consumer expectations, rather than spend time optimising retail operations
      • November 2016 - We have recently deployed our trademark retail architecture framework to create a winning technology strategy for our first international success in New Zealand Image result for New Zealand flag
      • News flash ! Strong competiITS Hackathontion makes for tough choices when judging at the ITS 2016 Mastercard Smart City Hackathon.   It has been a real privilege to take part and witness fantastic ideas brought to digital life. Congratulations to the all the winners !!!
      • October 2016 - Learn how to make smart technology investments in retail using our digital capability-maturity model and our retail architecture framework.
      • September 2016 - Proud team members make for extraordinary business success. A site visit to the world's best electric car manufacturer reveals what makes a great workplace.
      • July 2016 - Find out how machine learning helps data reach escape velocity with EFS full data lineage so that the CEO can sleep easy too
      • June 2016 - Paxata, the world leader in adaptive data preparation solutions and Forth Solutions announce consulting management agreement.
      • May 2016 - Find out how Digital To Consumer (D2C) can help your enterprise to defend against disruption and enable successful digital strategies.
      • April 2016 - At the Stawell Gift Race presenting the winner of the Bill Howard handicap 100m race sponsored by Nectar Farms.
      • March 2016 - Find out how automated pantry replenishment delivers the ultimate shopper experience.
      • February 2016 - Forth Solutions joins the AdBidx Advisory Board the leader in automated digital billboard advertising to consult on strategy and partnerships.
      • January 2016 - Forth Solutions joins the Nectar Farms Advisory Board to consult on logistics, supply chain and digital.
      • December 2015 - Find out who won the POINT of SALE OLYMPICS
      • November 2015 - Forth Solutions delivers keynote address for Daily Positive's presentation for Most Positive Countries for 2015   
      • September 2015 - Find out how TO DIGITISE YOUR CORE BUSINESS
      • May 2015 - Find out how CLOUD CHALLENGES (FOR) THE ENTERPRISE
      • April 2015 - Forth Solutions sponsors University of Melbourne theatrical production of Thoroughly Modern Millie